Thanksgiving Christmas LIVE

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All Songs by John Grooters & Dwight Beal 
Except: "What Child is This" arrangement by John Grooters, Dwight Beal, and Cordell Langland, original lyrics by William C. Dix, "Hear the Bells" is adapted from Carol of the Bells by Leontovich, "Joyful, Joyful" adapted from Ludwig von Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, lyrics by Henry van Dyke, musical interlude from Michael W. Smith's Sonata in D Major and Little Town. "Silent Night" original music by Franz Gruber, and "Drummer Boy," original hymn by Kathryn Davis, Henry Onorati, and Harry Simmeone. 

Recorded December 16, 17, and 18, 2011, in Holland, Michigan. 
Mixed and Mastered by Paul Wesselink, assisted by Ben Oegema at 
Grooters Productions Sound Studios, Holland, Michigan. 
Album design by Andrew Olson. Live photos courtesy of Fitz Fitzgerald.
2012 Dew Brothers Publishing, all rights reserved

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Tracks 13
Released 2012

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