Simple Life

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The notion of a "simple life" seems to represent more of an irony than it does reality. For most of us, life is anything but simple. Yet, we have a loving God who calls us to simple faith - an implicit trust in his goodness, his ability to care for us, and that he loves us as we are, not as we should be. Maybe we make this "life" thing more complicated than it really is....
released 01 August 1994

Dwight Beal - keyboards and vocals; John Grooters - guitars and vocals; Cordell Langland - guitar and saxophone; Charlie Hoats - bass; Phil Melton - drums, percussion and organ; Marcia Ware - vocals; Erik Muiderman - guitar; Pam VanPutten - vocals

PRODUCED BY John Grooters and Dwight Beal
Additional engineering by Jon Frazer, Tom jansen, adn Fred Baker
Mastered by Fred Baker, Sound Post, Inc. Grand Rapids, MI
Project Assistant: Bruce Snoap
Project Coordinator: Kathleen Smarrella
Special Adviser: Fred The P.E.Z. Head


  1. 4:24 1  Simple Life
  2. 3:58 2  Where In the World
  3. 5:52 3  Boy, Won't You Come Home
  4. 4:24 4  Be Strong
  5. 4:30 5  There's A Road
  6. 4:47 6  Back To the Garden
  7. 4:19 7  Soak It In
  8. 4:05 8  Stand Beside Me
  9. 4:28 9  Jordyn Michelle
  10. 3:35 10  One Fine Woman
  11. 3:40 11  Face the Sword
  12. 4:48 12  I Do Believe

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