Behold the Savior King

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John Grooters - guitars, vocals and bass; Dwight Beal - keyboards and vocals; Pam VanPutten - vocals; Scott Curley - vocals; Phil Melton - drums; Mark Simpson - guitars; Charlie Hoats - bass; Robert Thompson - horns; Kendall Thomas - bass; Bruce Snoap - clap and snap

CHOIR: John Grooters, Kevin Shoemaker, Glen VanDerWerff, L.james Schut, Scott Curley, heather Shoup, Holly AnnVillepique, Beth Ann Booher, Stewart Leniger, Brian Watkins, Cynthia Kortman, Mimi Black, Phil and Kathy Beal, Andrea Samuelson

1990 Dew Brothers Music
Except Hear the Bells adapted from Carol of the Bells by Lontoviech. Joyful, Joyful adapted from Ludwig von Beethoven's Ninth Symphony lyrics by Henry Van Dyke. Musical interludes adapted from Michael W. Smith's Sonata in D Major and Little Town. Used with permission

Christian Rock, Christmas, Grooters & Beal, Grooters and Beal, Rock Vespers, Behold the Savior King


  1. 5:38 1  Hear the Bells
  2. 4:53 2  Midnight Watch
  3. 5:49 3  Joseph's Lament
  4. 4:47 4  Behold the Savior King
  5. 4:08 5  Joyful, Joyful
  6. 4:23 6  90's Christmas
  7. 4:19 7  Winter Storm
  8. 4:35 8  Thanksgiving Christmas
  9. 4:17 9  The Word Made Flesh
  10. 3:23 10  December 24

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