Thank God It's Christmas

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Thank God It’s Christmas is a collection of some of our favorite Christmas songs – some old, some new – that we’ve written and performed through the years of Rock Vespers concerts.  What we’ve learned through the years of celebrating Christmas publicly is that our friendships have endured, our faith has grown stronger, and our hope is sure. 

Grooters & Beal, Rock Vespers, John Grooters, Dwight Beal, Dan Maat, Danny Reyes, Grooters and Beal

Performed by John Grooters (Guitars & Vocals), Dwight Beal (Keyboards & Vocals), Dan Maat (Bass), Danny Reyes (Drums & Percussion), Marcia Ware (Backing Vocals), Pam Van Putten (Backing Vocals), Jordyn Osburn (Backing Vocals), Scott Curley (Backing Vocals), Tierza Fieros-Snuffer (Backing Vocals), Bobby Anderson, (Backing Vocals), Kevin Melton (Keyboard), Cordell Langeland (Guitar), Phil Melton (Drums), Charlie Hoats (Bass), Bob Thompson (Horns) Photography and Design: Brooke Pennington / Grooters Productions All songs written and arranged by John Grooters and Dwight Beal Copyright Dew Brothers Music Distributed by Angelhouse Music
Written by John Grooters, Dwight Beal 

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